How to select earrings that will suit your face type

It might seem to be easy to buy a pair of earrings: just choose the one that you like best. However, in reality the situation is more complicated. If you want your earrings to flatter your face and to add a unique detail to your clothes, the approach should be more careful. If you select the right form, it will emphasize your best features and distract attention from flaws. In this blog, we will give you a few useful tips that will help you to buy a perfect pair of earrings.

The first thing you need to do is to identify what face type you have^

  • Round face. If the length from the tip of your nose to all sides of your face is the same, and your chin line is round, the earrings you choose should elongate your face. No round or disc earrings – drop earrings or chandelier earrings will be ideal.
  • Oval face. If your jawline to chin is well-rounded, while your forehead is wider than your chin, you can select all types of rings.
  • Square face. If the width of your jawline and forehead is the same, while your chin is flat, you should avoid square earrings. Choose hoops, rounded earrings, or drop earrings.
  • Heart face. If your forehead is wider than your jawline, while the chin is pointed, earrings rounded at the bottom will help you to reduce the angles around your chin.
  • Diamond Face. If your cheekbone is wider than your forehead and your chin, the best options for you are earring studs and long earrings.
  • Long face. If your face is lengthy but narrow, rounded dangle earrings and studs will be perfect for such a shape. Do not buy long and slim earrings.
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